The Blanchard Project was published in American Spirit Magazine. It's a story about an Acton homeowner who found a revolutionary war era bayonet in her home.

Radiation Curing was published in Circuits Manufacturing Magazine. The article describes methods for curing printed circuit boards.

Math Lecture No Sleep Session for R.J. Grey Students was published in The Beacon newspaper. It's an article about Professor Ed Burger who gave an SRO performance called "Magic with Mathematics" at R.J. Grey Junior High School in Acton, Massachusetts.

NYT Nutrition Expert Denounces Health Myths was published in The Belmont Citizen newspaper. The story describes a nutrition lecture given by Jane Brody, health and science writer for the New York Times.

The Ab Initio Tutorial teaches software engineers how to use the Ab Initio graphic development environment (GDE).

The Hark Recognizer Data Sheet describes voice recognition software to an engineering audience.

The Wildfire Quick Start Guide, designed to teach customers how to use a voice recognition system, replaced a 200 page user manual.

The Star Party article on the Parent Involvement Project (PIP) website describes the first annual 4th grade educational astronomy event for Acton students in 2003.